I was waiting in a line to go on an amusement park ride. While I was standing there, about to go through the gate, a spider dropped down from the ceiling (the ceiling being 100ft above my head) and caught me. She (he?) reeled my back up then jumped off into an abyss. We fell for what felt like minutes, me eventually learning how to breathe and remain calm as the fall continued.

Once I had finally embraced the fall and trusted the spider (since he was holding me and would die too if the landing killed me), we began to slow. The spider was grabbing onto a bit of silk that had a slope which almost entirely matched the angle of the fall, and then gently began increasing with respect to the decrease of our speed.

Once we had stopped I asked the spider where I was and where she was taking me. Spiders place things into their web according to category. I was being placed. But I protested. What category could I possible fall into? If I throw a fit would I be placed into an angry or unstable category?

No. I would be placed into a relaxed category that fit my overall demeanor and classified the overall sense of self.