Questions and answers I’ve worked out over the years.

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What is God?

Not an entity among entities. But a way of living and thinking about life. A framework that shapes every action, every thought, every perception and eventually every emotion.

Is there objective reality?

Of course. It is in accordance with and revealed by your construction.

Is life meaningless?

Yes, until you confer meaning onto your life.

What does it mean to be made in the image of God?

  1. If God creates and confers meaning on life, then so do we. We create and define the meaning of our own lives.
  2. If God can choose for things to be so and so then so can we. We choose to be joyful, vengeful, hurtful, happy, sad, angry, etc. Externally we may have only degrees of control over what happens but internally we have to power to transform all experiences.

How do words get their meaning?

Through their use.

What is good?

Depends on your goal.

What is objectively good?

Objectivity isn’t without context. Goals provide context.

But if there is objective reality then there is objective good?

Once a goal is chosen there are objectively better and worse ways of achieving said goal. What goals should be chosen and how to get there are dictated by how one is constructed. We can, however, chose to move contrary to this path but we must know that we will bear the consequences of these contrary moves. Unfortunately we may imagine that the consequences of the contrary path are best for us.

How do you know when you’re in delusion?

You test yourself and your methods against your goal(s).

What are goals? How does one choose goals?

One must have a sense of life.

What is a sense of life?

What is truth?

A wide door that nobody can miss but few can pass through.

Is there truth with a capital T?

There is physical inertia, is there psychological inertia?

Everything happens for a reason.

Really? Does it?

Why do you seek a purpose for things?

Is the soul incorporeal?

Why does it matter? Why is matter, material, not amazing and wonderful enough for you? Why do you seek something outside matter? How would it diminish your conception of a soul if the soul was made of matter?

If something is not of matter, how would it influence that which is of matter? Wouldn’t it being able to influence matter suddenly bring it into the realm of matter? As it is perceived by matter.

How does matter perceive?

By being affected by. Matter, when affected, changes. The change wrought on a thing is the thing’s perception of that which wrought the change. I.e., the change is the lasting impression of the thing that caused the change.

The change in a rock is the lasting impression of the hammer that hit the rock. If the hammer hits twice, it is the lasting impression of two consecutive blows. It is how the rock perceived the hammer.