What if Religion is last?

The popular view of religion is as being the first development of a civilization. The thing that predates a people before they discover reason & science. [Read More]

Nicolas Cage is Creating a new Movie Genre

Not many people realize this but Nicolas Cage is slowly but surely carving out and defining a whole new genre of trippy and artistic horror movies. Is he doing this intentionally or acidentally? [Read More]

Pi Cloud

With services like Herkou, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, creating and managing your own cloud architecture may be a dying art. Some might accuse me of showing my age, like professors of old who swore that their students must learn C and how to alloc & free. [Read More]

The Shortest, Framework Free, TODO App

[Read More]

All Things are Permitted

Its been said that “if there is no God then all things are permitted.” [Read More]

Non Conceptual Definitions

Philopsophers often question what is “art” or “love” or other words for humanity has never had a solid definition. [Read More]

These are not types

Is an int a type? A float? A double? [Read More]

Dangerous. Ideas.

“A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing” [Read More]

I am. You are?

When we describe how we’re feeling we say “I am angry”, “I am upset”, “I am X” [Read More]

Typed Literals ARE Constants!

(option 1) display.setLayout(Layouts.FIXED); (option 2) display.setLayout('FIXED'); [Read More]

Practical Laziness in Programming

When I first heard about lazy evaluation I thought it was cool but not of much practical use. That is until I thought about it a bit harder. [Read More]

The Almighty Function

Objects are a poor man’s closures. Closures are a poor man’s objects. [Read More]

Oh Lisp

If you ever tell someone you like Lisp and that Lisp is a more suitable language for the work you are doing most of the time you’ll get weird looks and comments like: [Read More]

Inheritance, Aggregation, and Pipelines

How does one write software that can be extended? [Read More]

Services and Coupling

Lines of code like: [Read More]