🧚‍♂️ Past, Present, Future - Doing for Others

Published 2022-04-25

Our current state of affairs is almost entirely determined by those who came before us. What institutions they created, what they've invented, what infrastructure & dwellings they've built, how they've spent the resources of the society, how they've treated the environment, what stories they've told, art they've created, memes they've left, etc. etc.

What if we took this as a given? Given that our material well being is almost entirely determined by those that come before us, our job in the present is not to improve our own material well being but to improve the well being of future generations.

Would we have more respect for the past and be more forwardlooking about our impacts on the future?

Promoting a belief in reincarnation is a useful practice from this perspective. And beliefs, irrespective of being true or not, shape our future.