A logical being would not appear to act logically

It always annoyed me growing up how people would assume that a machine would behave logically. Or that you could tell the thinking of a machine because it would look logical. E.g., in the matrix where they say “sounds like the thinking of a machine to me” or the thinking... [Read More]

Categorized by a Spider

I was waiting in a line to go on an amusement park ride. While I was standing there, about to go through the gate, a spider dropped down from the ceiling (the ceiling being 100ft above my head) and caught me. She (he?) reeled my back up then jumped off... [Read More]

I am. You are?

When we describe how we’re feeling we say “I am angry”, “I am upset”, “I am X” [Read More]

Oh Lisp

If you ever tell someone you like Lisp and that Lisp is a more suitable language for the work you are doing most of the time you’ll get weird looks and comments like: [Read More]